Monday, June 28, 2010

Badge Bunny

I'll give you a play by play of the whole date in a minute but let's start at the part where Mario Kart left me, yes LEFT ME, in the middle of the dance floor. Poor guy had been so nervous and untalkative all night.....which is hard for me because I am a communicator. If someone isn't going to talk to me then I'm going to find someone else who will!

Mario Kart decided to take me to a concert for our first date (much better than playing video games) and as we were standing in the middle of the dance floor waiting for the concert to start these random guys started talking to me. I'm never one to turn down an interesting conversation so the craziness began. Next thing I know one of the guys is telling me that the guy I was with left. I turned around and sure enough Mario Kart was no where to be found.

Two thoughts went through my mind. Either 1. Leave, drive home and never talk to him again or 2. Stay, talk to some strangers and make it a fun night. I chose option 2 and made my way to the bar.

Side story: The night before date night I had gone out with some girlfriends to a bar on the strip. I flirted with this really cute bartender for a bit and decided not to leave him my number or get his. I figured that if I ever wanted to see him again then I would know where to find him and left it at that.

Back to the date night story: As I was walking to the bar (dateless, or so I thought) I bumped into a guy that I thought looked really familiar. After he gave me a hug and introduced me to his friends I realized that it was the cute bartender from the night before! I quickly explained why I was by myself and he invited me to hang out with him for the rest of the night. Then someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and there stood Mario Kart wondering where I had gone (even though HE was the one that left ME). I said goodbye to cute bartender and went back to my original date with Mario Kart.

Date play by play:

We meet at a restaurant/bar. He is really nervous. Has a few beers. We talk about random stupid first date stuff. We go to the concert. Wait in line. He is still nervous. It's been 2 hours and he still hasn't even tried to touch me. Wait on the dance floor for the concert to start. I start talking to some random guys. Get left by Mario Kart. Get found by Mario Kart. Watch the concert. He walks me to my car after. Starts to walk away after saying bye. I run up and grab him and give him a big fat kiss. He looks shocked. I jump into my car and drive away. Get home at 2 am. See the light on my phone blinking. Check my text message....."I had a ton of fun tonight, when can we do it again?"

This is my life.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The one time a year when Vegas gets almost too hot to handle

Last weekend I worked the firefighter auction, I know you are thinking "what a tough life" right? It was heaven! Anytime there's a large group of firemen wearing minimal clothing and their uniforms, I'm so there! I even worked for free. Below is some of the eye candy for you to look at, but don't stare too long because this post gets even better!

After the event was over I called up my girls and we met up with some of the firemen and danced the night away. There was one in particular that wouldn't keep his eyes off of me! When I was worn out from dancing with all of his friends and decided to leave he left too just to make sure I got to my car safe. I gave him a hug and my phone number and that was that.

A few days later I was out with one of my girlfriends and I got a text from the fireman asking if he could take me out. I asked him where he wanted to take me and he told me that we would sit at home, drink beers and play Mario Kart. After I read the text I thought this guy was a genuine weirdo and sent out a mass text to all my girlfriends because I knew they would laugh about it as much as I did. His new nickname will forever be Mario Kart.

With my newfound bitchy single attitude, I told Mario Kart that unless he could think of something better to do then I wasn't going to go on a date with him.

My hot date with Mario Kart ended up being last night and in another post I will tell you all about it. Trust me, you aren't gunna wanna miss this!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Google Me Bitch

I have a love/hate relationship with Google. I love that you can Google someone and find out anything about them. This is great news when trying to stalk potential boyfriends/dates/hookups/etc. I hate that someone can Google me and right next to that list of accomplishments is my old blog. The blog where I bash my ex boyfriend, talk about work and take you on my crazy adventures. The thing about the internet is nothing ever goes away. Ever.

So instead of continuing my bloggy break over at the old URL I'm gunna start this party in a new place where I can be a little more anonymous. And you know what that means? More frequent and uncensored content.

Bye bye ex boyfriend, employer and anyone else who I don't want reading my piece of the internet anymore!

Hello old and new blog friends! Welcome to my uncensored Vegas life!