Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Google Me Bitch

I have a love/hate relationship with Google. I love that you can Google someone and find out anything about them. This is great news when trying to stalk potential boyfriends/dates/hookups/etc. I hate that someone can Google me and right next to that list of accomplishments is my old blog. The blog where I bash my ex boyfriend, talk about work and take you on my crazy adventures. The thing about the internet is nothing ever goes away. Ever.

So instead of continuing my bloggy break over at the old URL I'm gunna start this party in a new place where I can be a little more anonymous. And you know what that means? More frequent and uncensored content.

Bye bye ex boyfriend, employer and anyone else who I don't want reading my piece of the internet anymore!

Hello old and new blog friends! Welcome to my uncensored Vegas life!



  1. Yay! And I am apart of this party :D x

  2. I totally have a love/hate relationship with google. I'm all about being anonymous.