Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's wrong with me?!

It's not always sunshine and glitter in my mind and sometimes my own worst enemy gets the best of me. The enemy? Worry. And it can strike anytime and anywhere without a warning. My mind starts racing and I start freaking the eff out.

I was always that little kid at the slumber party who was convinced that there was a dead body under the bed instead of a suitcase.

The girl who heard a noise while home alone and was sure that the door was going to bust down and I would get kidnapped and robbed.

The young high school student who was scared to death she would never find a boyfriend or a prom date.

The high school graduate who thought college would be big and scary.

The college student who would hyperventilate before exams worrying that she wouldn't remember the information and fail a class.

And now here I am the recent college graduate with my first salary job, in a career I didn't see myself starting out in, freaking out that I won't be good enough or meet my weekly quotas.

Worry is my worst enemy, and why do I always let it get the best of me?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Somebody call 911

My whole life I've kinda sorta had this thing for firefighters.

Can you blame me? ;-)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up

OMG. I. Am. So. Freaking. Tired.

Last week was my first week of work at my big girl full time salary job and believe me full time means FULL [where the heck do all the hours in the day go] time.

My month of unemployment spoiled the crap out of me. At work you can't lay out and tan by the pool after you eat lunch, you can't go to the 4 o clock spin class at the gym and you can't even think about drinking that morning mimosa and afternoon margarita (not that I ever did that...but I could have!)

I don't even want to see my friends on weeknights anymore and all those texts I get after I go to bed at uhhh 9 I respond to when I wake up at dark thirty in the morning.

You know what? I love it. Sure it is going to take some time to get used to and get back on a schedule where I am not thinking about sleep all the time, but I'm glad to finally have something exciting to get out of bed for during the week. I also know for a fact I'm going to be loving every other Friday (payday). Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up but I wouldn't trade it for anything :-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why I should not be allowed out in public...

So.... tonight I went to an event at a very nice restaurant on top of one of the casinos here in Vegas. The event was in the bar area. There were tables at the back of the bar area but most of the people were just standing around and talking while trays of free mini hors d'oeuvres (yes I had to google that spelling) got passed around.

One of my friends that I was with was hungry and we kept missing the trays that were getting passed around. I spotted some food at a table in the back of the bar and walked over and told the 2 guys to scoot over. I sat down and made my friend sit right next to me.

This table was FILLED with food and I was really surprised that we didn't see all of it getting passed around. There was steak, calamari, strawberries, etc. I immediately grabbed a piece of steak and began chowing down. After my 3rd or so piece I decided to ask the guy what it was and he confirmed that I had been eating steak. I then worked my way over to the calamari and had a few pieces, then a a few strawberries.

My friend just sat there and stared at me the whole entire time. I thought she was hungry too but it didn't matter to me that she wasn't eating because that meant more grub for me. After my little meal I turned to the guys and said, "So are you here for the event?"

One guy turned to me and said, "what event?" So I was like, "what do you mean you aren't here for the event....where did all this food come from?" I wish I could have seen my face when he turned to me and said, "Umm we ordered it."

After apologizing a million times I excused myself and went back to the event with a full stomach and a new blog story.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sometimes life is ironic...

Exactly a month ago today....

I sat in an HR office crying as I signed paperwork telling me that I had been fired from my job.
I was hurt.
My ego was bruised.
My confidence was crushed.
It was a horrible day.


I sat in an HR office smiling ear to ear as I signed paperwork stating I was a new employee of an even better company.


And not just any job. A job that pays salary and has benefits! A big girl job :-)

Screw the old company that thought I was worth $12 and hour and treated me like crap...I'm movin' on up!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh heyyy blog!

I've kinda ditched my little piece of the internet again this past week and a half but I have a good reason...promise!

When it rains it pours and in this case it might not be raining men, but it's raining job opportunities!

I haven't been offered anything permanent YET (keeping fingers crossed) but I have become a pro interviewer and I could probably tell you all of my good professional qualities in my sleep, in spanish and backwards.

Last week I was feeling pretty bummed about myself after I applied for MILLIONS of jobs and no one was calling me to even interview. So when worse comes to worse I become desperate. What's better for a desperate girl than to apply for a dildo job? Yup you read that right...dildo job. Now let me start from the beginning...

The job was for one of those sex toy party companies. In the corporate office (very professional) promoting new products to the women who actually go out and sell the dildos or have the parties, whatever. I was half insane and half joking when I applied for the job and what do you know, they called me for an interview.

I sat in the office that morning waiting to be called for my interview and the whole time I kept thinking, "What would the people I go to church with think?" "What about other professionals I could I go network and meet people and explain to them I promote dildos for a living." and worst of all...."What would my future husband think (not that I have anyone in my life even close to that title)?!?"

The interview was very professional. I had to keep myself from laughing a few times especially when the lady said in her high pitched voice, "This company is not just sex toys but also potions, lotions and feathers."

She told me that she would call me back if I happened to be the candidate they chose to be "passionized."

She never called me back. Thank God. Because I don't even want to know what it's like to be "passionized."