Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Austin was nice but I like you better"

Texas guy didn't call the next day....but he did call the day after and we made plans to go out the next weekend.

The crazy thing is I was actually excited to go out with him and couldn't wait for the week to be over.

We had plans to meet Saturday at 5. Saturday morning I realized I didn't really remember what he looked like. When I arrived I realized he was a lot cuter than I remembered him being.

The whole night I had SO much fun! He was so easy to talk to and I felt like I hung out with him every single weekend. We went to an awesome country concert and sat in the grass under the stars. It was so cute! And I even have plans to hang out with him again (what am I turning into?!?!)

And let's just say the night ended with a pretty sweet goodbye :-)

"To kiss and tell, that's just not my style, but the night is young and it's been a while"

It was the Texas hat

Last Friday my friends and I decided to go to a country bar. I decided to invite some guys I went to high school with so we didn't get creeped on by random dudes like we did the weekend before.

We were dancing, laughing and acting like we owned the place.

I decided it was more fun to be with guys we already knew then standing around as a group of girls waiting for non-creeps to come up and talk to us.

Then a guy walked by. I didn't really look at his face or pay attention to him but I did notice his orange hat with the Texas Longhorns symbol on it.

30 min later he walked by again. And then again. And finally he walked up to the bar next to where I was standing so I grabbed his shirt and did the hook em horns hand signal.

We started talking. I told him my name was Austin. He introduced me to all of his friends as Austin.

Then I started to like him. I wanted to see him again (which is VERY rare for me to like a guy at a bar). Luckily he asked for my number but I had already lied to him and told him a fake name.

I had to work the next day so I had to leave early. He said he would call.

Blog friends, meet Texas guy.

Monday, October 11, 2010

You are going to ruffle some feathers if you want to fly.

Every day I get an email from this website called the Daily Love. It is always FULL of inspiration and things that make me smile or think. This was today's daily love......

When you stand up and begin to shine, you become a target. Shine on anyways. Who gives a damn about the negative opinion of others. Get used to critics and "haters". Sometimes they have really good things to say and can help you grow. Remember that your "haters" are still watching you and are most likely your #1 fan. I heard a statistic that over 50% of Howard Stern's audience back in the day HATED him, but tuned in to hear what he would say next. They might hate him, but who's laughing all the way to the bank?

You can sign up to get your own daily love HERE and unlike that horrible kisser you went out with twice just to make sure he really was horrible and not just having an off night you won't regret it, promise.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today I watched 50 couples renew their wedding vows.

Then I watched 3 couples tie the knot.

It was the cutest thing.

Love was in the air.

Then I stood in our church lobby.

5 feet away from the man that was going to be my husband.

And he looked at me.

Like I was a stranger.

Or a dead person.

He never looked me in the eye.

But I know he saw.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

TAG :-)

This beautiful blogger who also happens to be one of my favorites tagged me in her last post. So here are the questions I have to answer:

1) What are the 3 places you would like to go and visit?

Well, considering I want to move to Austin, Texas so bad it's obviously one of the places I would really like to visit! I would also like to go to Europe and somewhere tropical....I haven't really traveled a lot of places so the list of places I need to visit is SUPER long.

2) Tell me about something you really care about?

I really care about my family and my friends. I would do anything for them :-)

3) What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do?

The hardest thing I ever had to do was walk away from the man I loved. I knew it would be the end but I also knew that it would be for the best. He wasn't very nice.

4) What is your favourite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day is twilight. Right at the prime of sunset when everything is glowing a shade of yellowish orange. This is also the best time for taking pictures!

5) What is your favourite film?

My favorite film changes constantly! I don't really watch movies or TV often so I'm really behind. If you ask me if I have seen a certain movie the answer is most likely no.

6) If you could ban one thing what would it be?

Broken hearts! No one should ever deal with the horribleness of a broken heart!

7) Are you superstitious?

Not really!

8) Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years time?

Smiling and happy. Married to an amazing man who adores me. 2 little children. Awesome job. Successful in life.
In the mean time- I would make an awesome rich man's wife...just sayin!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On the clock freakout...ready GO!

I'm at work right now and I just figured out how to add the Blogger app to my phone. Now I can blog anytime anywhere. This could be dangerous yall.

Speaking of the word yall I want to move to Texas really bad...but I've never even been there I just have this idea in my head that I want to live there. I should probably go visit first or maybe just do it. Afterall I did move to Vegas without ever knowing about any life past the strip.

So I'm freaking out right now because I am so over my job. I am so unmotivated right now its not even funny. I have this vision of what I want to do in my life and this is not it. I was born for marketing and public relations not sales. I want to be creative. I want to have fun. I want to make a difference. I want to plan parties and grand openings. I want to write blogs and press releases and get people interested in companies. Companies I believe in.

I have all these things I want to do now I just need to make them happen.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Must be an Ohio thing

Both of these pictures were taken a year apart but they are almost identical. They were also both taken in Ohio. Guess I will have to go there next year to keep up the tradition...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Sometimes I put the tired in inspired. Yeah that makes no sense. You know if the insp were gone and a t took its place then it would be tired and that's what usually what I am (haha can't you tell?)

On a typical day i'll be at work and at 2 or 3 I will make all of these great after work plans in my head. They usually include the gym, dinner, saving the world, blogging and any other adventure I can find. Then it happens...usually right after dinner I crawl into bed and crash. My brain is dead and I can't even form a sentence. This is when it becomes easier to just read all of your beautiful blogs than to write my own.

I JUST learned how to check my blog stats yesterday. I know I know I'm a late bloomer but now I'm obsessed. And the funny thing is I haven't been writing much BUT some of you still check this piece o' the internet every day. Which is super sweet and I for sure love the attention but I wish I knew who you all were.

So here's the plan. I'm going to start writing more and you all are going to delurk. Ready? Go!

Ollie ollie oxen free!