Monday, July 19, 2010

You find the most hilarious stuff when you clean out your closet...

Even though I have forgotten most things about my beginning of high school "boyfriend" my parents and neighbors definitely have not.

In high school I was preppy. I wore Hollister and Abercrombie. I hung out with other girls like me and we were little clones of each other. We all liked boys from the same "popular" group and didn't dare talk to any other type of boy that might be at our school.

Somewhere in this time frame I decided I was going to lead a double life. My after school life was a lot different than my at school life. This after school life was when the Hollister and Abercrombie clothes would come off and the black clothes and dark black eyeliner would be put on. What better accessory for a "punk rock" girl than a "punk rock" boyfriend?

That's where Danny comes in (and yes I'm actually using a guy's real name on my blog!) His goal in life? Move to Canada and become and Anarchist. I thought he was the coolest, except for when we were at school...then I would pass him in the hallways and look the other way or try to avoid him.

My parents always had this rule that I wasn't allowed to have boys in the house when they weren't home. My solution? Have them come over anyway and just hang out in the driveway or neighborhood. Can you imagine the surprise on my parents and neighbors faces when everyone starting coming home at 5 o clock that day and saw this in my driveway.....

Yes those are 3 inch spikes in his hair. And just wait it gets worse....I even drew pictures of our life together (spikes included)....

Check out that awesome outfit I'm wearing...and those sweet swirly tattoos on my shoulders. Haha. All I have to say is thank God it was just one of many phases I went through.....


  1. Oh sister! Who would've thought! I had a good laugh....oh the things we did in high school...

    Love, Mere

  2. Totally agree with what Mere said - the things we did in high school - the laughs! :)

    Did he move to Canada and become an Anarchist? x

  3. Haha I'm so glad you never got swirls tattooed on your shoulders.