Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why my parents have grey hair...

I was an out of control child and needed to be the center of attention ALL the time. Luckily I have cool parents who encouraged and embraced my personality.

When I was in kindergarden I told my teacher that I had 5 brothers and sisters just so she would pay attention to me more. It worked until she asked my mom how she handled having so many children and found out I was an only child.

When I was in first grade I made up stories about my teacher becoming a witch and flying around the room and told them to my mom. My imagination was so big that I thought I was telling the truth.

When I was in second grade I got in trouble because I didn't want to watch one of the teachers perform his yearly Hanukkah song. I told him that I had already seen his show last year and was tired of the same ol thing all the time.

When I was in third grade I wouldn't eat breakfast so my mom would give me ice cream just so I would have something in my stomach before school. This was awesome until we had to go around the class and tell everyone what we eat for breakfast. I'm surprised they didn't lock my mom up.

I was always finding new and creative ways to be the center of attention......

The sad thing is I'm probably going to have kids that are 5 times more out of control than I was


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That picture is a riot!! You need to come up with a funny caption for it and you could sell t-shirt with that picture on it!! So funny!

  2. HAHAHA!!! Loving that picture, it's a screamer! You sounded like such a fun kid though!

  3. You're such a hoot! And I bet you're a ton of fun to hang out with! I hope your mom saves this picture for your wedding day collage! heehee