Sunday, October 3, 2010


Sometimes I put the tired in inspired. Yeah that makes no sense. You know if the insp were gone and a t took its place then it would be tired and that's what usually what I am (haha can't you tell?)

On a typical day i'll be at work and at 2 or 3 I will make all of these great after work plans in my head. They usually include the gym, dinner, saving the world, blogging and any other adventure I can find. Then it happens...usually right after dinner I crawl into bed and crash. My brain is dead and I can't even form a sentence. This is when it becomes easier to just read all of your beautiful blogs than to write my own.

I JUST learned how to check my blog stats yesterday. I know I know I'm a late bloomer but now I'm obsessed. And the funny thing is I haven't been writing much BUT some of you still check this piece o' the internet every day. Which is super sweet and I for sure love the attention but I wish I knew who you all were.

So here's the plan. I'm going to start writing more and you all are going to delurk. Ready? Go!

Ollie ollie oxen free!

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