Sunday, October 17, 2010

It was the Texas hat

Last Friday my friends and I decided to go to a country bar. I decided to invite some guys I went to high school with so we didn't get creeped on by random dudes like we did the weekend before.

We were dancing, laughing and acting like we owned the place.

I decided it was more fun to be with guys we already knew then standing around as a group of girls waiting for non-creeps to come up and talk to us.

Then a guy walked by. I didn't really look at his face or pay attention to him but I did notice his orange hat with the Texas Longhorns symbol on it.

30 min later he walked by again. And then again. And finally he walked up to the bar next to where I was standing so I grabbed his shirt and did the hook em horns hand signal.

We started talking. I told him my name was Austin. He introduced me to all of his friends as Austin.

Then I started to like him. I wanted to see him again (which is VERY rare for me to like a guy at a bar). Luckily he asked for my number but I had already lied to him and told him a fake name.

I had to work the next day so I had to leave early. He said he would call.

Blog friends, meet Texas guy.


  1. Hey Texas guy! Call her!! She's pretty stinkin' awesome!!! (so weird you saw someone with a TX hat there!)

    xoxo Mere