Thursday, December 16, 2010

So this is what depression feels like...

Dear Internet, I think I'm depressed.

I hate my job.

I have the WORST headaches every single day. which means I take pain meds every day (no good)

I'm tired ALL the time.

I have to force myself to do normal things like hang out with my friends.

I keep skipping the gym and it makes me feel fat and lazy.

I want to go to bed at 5pm.

I feel like the sun never shines anymore.

Laughing doesn't come as easy.

I'm emotional and always want to cry.

I just want the old me back.

Stress is no bueno.

I need to quit my job ASAP


  1. You ended it with the right advice there and then. End your job so you can smile, feel tired and be more you again! :)

  2. No job is worth your health! I'd quit too :)