Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's wrong with me?!

It's not always sunshine and glitter in my mind and sometimes my own worst enemy gets the best of me. The enemy? Worry. And it can strike anytime and anywhere without a warning. My mind starts racing and I start freaking the eff out.

I was always that little kid at the slumber party who was convinced that there was a dead body under the bed instead of a suitcase.

The girl who heard a noise while home alone and was sure that the door was going to bust down and I would get kidnapped and robbed.

The young high school student who was scared to death she would never find a boyfriend or a prom date.

The high school graduate who thought college would be big and scary.

The college student who would hyperventilate before exams worrying that she wouldn't remember the information and fail a class.

And now here I am the recent college graduate with my first salary job, in a career I didn't see myself starting out in, freaking out that I won't be good enough or meet my weekly quotas.

Worry is my worst enemy, and why do I always let it get the best of me?


  1. I AM YOU! I've had to turn my thinking around on this because if I don't I'll make myself sick. Stay thinking positively.

    Love, Mere

  2. Can I hear an AMEN! I always feel like I am on a plane just waiting to crash any minute. I guess it is about control and understanding that your got where you are for a reason :)

  3. April, I am absolutely positive that you are doing amazing things at your new job! Everyone worries, I worry ALL THE TIME, you just have to breathe deeply, remember that you are freakin awesome and trust yourself. And text me anytime you need help with anything, I'm here for ya =)