Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh heyyy blog!

I've kinda ditched my little piece of the internet again this past week and a half but I have a good reason...promise!

When it rains it pours and in this case it might not be raining men, but it's raining job opportunities!

I haven't been offered anything permanent YET (keeping fingers crossed) but I have become a pro interviewer and I could probably tell you all of my good professional qualities in my sleep, in spanish and backwards.

Last week I was feeling pretty bummed about myself after I applied for MILLIONS of jobs and no one was calling me to even interview. So when worse comes to worse I become desperate. What's better for a desperate girl than to apply for a dildo job? Yup you read that right...dildo job. Now let me start from the beginning...

The job was for one of those sex toy party companies. In the corporate office (very professional) promoting new products to the women who actually go out and sell the dildos or have the parties, whatever. I was half insane and half joking when I applied for the job and what do you know, they called me for an interview.

I sat in the office that morning waiting to be called for my interview and the whole time I kept thinking, "What would the people I go to church with think?" "What about other professionals I could I go network and meet people and explain to them I promote dildos for a living." and worst of all...."What would my future husband think (not that I have anyone in my life even close to that title)?!?"

The interview was very professional. I had to keep myself from laughing a few times especially when the lady said in her high pitched voice, "This company is not just sex toys but also potions, lotions and feathers."

She told me that she would call me back if I happened to be the candidate they chose to be "passionized."

She never called me back. Thank God. Because I don't even want to know what it's like to be "passionized."

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  1. haha you're job search sounds like mine. i've been getting so desparate, i asked BB yesterday if I could be a surrogate. But then I found out you can't have alcohol for 9 months and I was all "screw that!"

    i'm happy to hear you're getting job interviews! good thing you won't have to pitching dildos (although I would have bought one!). my problem has now become finding aj ob I actuall ywant to HAVE...bleh!