Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why I should not be allowed out in public...

So.... tonight I went to an event at a very nice restaurant on top of one of the casinos here in Vegas. The event was in the bar area. There were tables at the back of the bar area but most of the people were just standing around and talking while trays of free mini hors d'oeuvres (yes I had to google that spelling) got passed around.

One of my friends that I was with was hungry and we kept missing the trays that were getting passed around. I spotted some food at a table in the back of the bar and walked over and told the 2 guys to scoot over. I sat down and made my friend sit right next to me.

This table was FILLED with food and I was really surprised that we didn't see all of it getting passed around. There was steak, calamari, strawberries, etc. I immediately grabbed a piece of steak and began chowing down. After my 3rd or so piece I decided to ask the guy what it was and he confirmed that I had been eating steak. I then worked my way over to the calamari and had a few pieces, then a a few strawberries.

My friend just sat there and stared at me the whole entire time. I thought she was hungry too but it didn't matter to me that she wasn't eating because that meant more grub for me. After my little meal I turned to the guys and said, "So are you here for the event?"

One guy turned to me and said, "what event?" So I was like, "what do you mean you aren't here for the event....where did all this food come from?" I wish I could have seen my face when he turned to me and said, "Umm we ordered it."

After apologizing a million times I excused myself and went back to the event with a full stomach and a new blog story.


  1. Oh my word!!!
    I didnt know whether to laugh or just cringe for you. That is EXACTLY something I would have done!!! Bless ya!

  2. OH MY GOSHHH!!!

    that is soooo funny. the sad thing is i can totally see myself doing this. hahahaa thanks for the biggest laugh i've had today...

  3. Ahaha I still can't believe you did this.

  4. OMG!! You're too funny!! I can't believe you did that!!


  5. I very much enjoyed this story.