Friday, September 10, 2010

If at first you don't succeed just annoy the crap outta people until you get your way. Or win them over with your beauty, that works too!

He hung up on me every single day for a week and a half.

I would call and he would answer. I would say my name and ask him if he got my email. He would say no and slam the phone down. Every. Single. Day.

As much as I loved our newfound hang up on me and treat me like crap tradition, I knew I had to change things ASAP.

My life depended on it.

Okay maybe not my life, but my weekly job quotas did.

So I got smart and decided to drop by his restaurant for lunch. I knew him but he didn't know me so the ball was in my court. The fact that I had an adorable outfit on and my hair fell perfectly that day might have helped too.

Luckily he happened to be working the register. I couldn't have planned it better. I played the cute girl role and he even flirted with me a bit. He delivered my lunch to my table, which is unusual for a fast food place, and he even came over frequently asking if I was enjoying my meal. Not knowing who I was the entire time.

After my lunch I politely walked over and introduced myself. I wish I had a picture of his jaw dropping to the floor as he said, "Are you serious?" in a very shocked voice.

Long story short, we met that day. He signed the deal today. I made my first work achievement and my boss is proud. No one has to know that I basically leeched on to this guy and used my looks to get him to meet with me. All my company cares about is the money but my blog friends always get the entire story ;-)

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  1. Haha! Love it, I would call it tactical thinking April! :)